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Quickly Handing out your Products

Going to vendor events and making sure you are able to promote yourself, as well as your service(s)/product(s) to as many people as you can is so important!

Sometimes there are SO many people at vendor events, it is hard to hand out all your products one by one because people pass by the table so quickly, so I started putting all of my products together as one item to hand out to potential clients, versus handing out products one by one.



  • business cards
  • rack cards
  • bio-freeze sample packet
  • pens
  • chapsticks

    Bio-Freeze Sample Packet

I use the sample packet as a base to set all my products on.



I use a pen to hold my business card and rack card in place




I tape my chapsticks to the bottom of the Bio-Freeze sample.


That’s it!! I am now able to hand out all of my information to people in a quick, timely manner!

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Perfectly Posh new products!

For those of you who may not know what Perfectly Posh is, feel free to check out this link for more information.

Perfectly Posh


Spend $75 or more on your favorite pampering products and receive a Summer Store product for FREE. This free gift will automatically be included in your order when you spend $75 or more. Offer valid on qualifying (volume) product orders over $75. Excludes Portal items, Starter Kits, B5G1, tax, and shipping. Final order total must be equal or greater than $75 after Perks have been apply. Limited time only. While supplies last.



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Snarky Bar



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Skin Stick

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Thanks for reading! If you would like to look at more products, feel free to visit the link below.

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Grab Bags

I made up $5 grab bags to help promote myself.

They were all numbered, so when I sold 15 I did a drawing for an introductory massage gift card!


  •  pen
  • chapstick
  • Biofreeze sample
  • stress ball
  • business card
  • rack card with prices
  • The other contents varied from bag to bag from soaps, body lotion, candles, and much more!

    I also offered to mail them out for a small fee for those people who were unable to pick them up.


Thank you’s


I also made sure to write a hand written thank you for each grab bag thanking the person who bought them. I also made sure to tag them on facebook with a picture of their grab bag with a short, typed thank you as well.


Hope this gives you some more ideas and ways to promote yourself! Thanks for reading!

You can also check the links out yourself to my pages & Facebook!

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Perfectly Posh Men’s Line

Men are so hard to buy for! I never know what to get them! Luckily, once I found men products on Perfectly Posh’s website it gave me ideas for what to products buy to put in my goody bags!

Check them out!!



Rub stick over sore muscles to relieve tension and allows relaxation. To enhance the healing, add a warm towel or heating pad. (Test on sensitive areas before use and keep away from eyes and face.)

Peppermint, lavender, sage, eucalyptus, and orange essential oils



This is great for any muscle injuries, soreness, or swelling. This stick is also good for sunburns and tension in the neck!
Fragrance: Peppermint essential oil


Fragrance: Woodsy amber and soft citrus




A rich blend of sandalwood, palo santo, and light amber citrus

To review other products feel free to visit the link below! Thanks for reading!


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Hosting a Perfectly Posh Launch Party

Are you new to selling Perfectly Posh? Do you want to try to host a party but don’t know how? Then you have come to the right place.

In this blog, I will break down how I organized my launch party with photos and captions that I used to engage my audience.

Perfectly Posh Starter Kit Reveal

First, I got on my FB and made a live video of me opening my package. I discussed why I wanted to sell Posh, my favorite products, I let them know how parties I hosted would go, and offered to answer any questions they may have had.

Two Launch Parties

Two parties!? You must think I am crazy, but don’t worry it isn’t has hectic as it sounds. I offered an online party that went on all week for people to participate with, then on the last day of my party I offered an in home party at my house that allowed people to come by and actually sample some of the products versus just seeing them online.

I did a mystery hostess theme, which means that no one knew who the hostess was until I did a drawing at the end of the week. The hostess would earn ALL the perks from the party.

I offered chair massage, facials, and foot massage demos of the services that I offer at my LMT (licensed massage therapist) job, so they could get a feel of how services worked if they ever decided to make an appointment.

I had food and beverages for my guests, as well as little goodie bags for them to take as a way to say,”Thanks.”

I gave them samples as well as business cards.

Online Party

Now, I am going to break down party. I had themes for each day of the week and tried to stick with it.

I know my Launch Party doesn’t start until tomorrow, but I thought I would post some helpful info as to how this launch party is going to go. See you all tomorrow! 🙂
Don’t forget to RSVP to be entered for GIVEAWAYS!!
Welcome to my launch party! My goal is to promote my new endeavor, as well as use Perfectly Posh as a platform to help continue to grow my rapidly growing massage clientele. So, do not feel like you have to order. All you have to do is sit back and relax from the comfort of your home while you get to play some games, learn some information, and possibly win the drawing at the end of the week for an awesome goodie bag with Posh and massage products, as well as earn all the Mystery Hostess perks!!
Here is how you can be entered to win to be the Mystery Hostess who will earn ALL of the perks from this party that can be used for FREE products!
  • Invite friends that end up placing an order
  • Place an order of $25 or more
  • Place a qualifying order of Buy 5 Get 1 free
  • Commenting/interacting on posts
  • Booking an online/ in-home party earns THREE entries
  • If you decide you like the products and want to become a Posh consultant you will earn THREE entries toward the Mystery Hostess, while also earning a FREE welcome to the team goodie bag!
What’s your Posh status?
Pricing at a glance. With Perfectly Posh products a little product goes a loonng ways and everything is UNDER $25!!
What product do YOU want to try?!
My favorite hand creme is Hot Mess! These lotions don’t leave your hands feeling greasy or oily after using them! Which one do you want to try?
( comment earns one entry. )
Which of these do you want to try?! I still have my chunk bar that is still going strong even after being used daily for over 2 months now! Full Moon and Spawesome are my favs!
( Comment earns one entry )
Snarky bars are ideal for flaky and dry skin, as well as an awesome exfoliate! I love using my body butter after I get done using a snarky bar, it leaves my skin feeling amazing!
What Snarky Bar would you want to try?
Book a party with me and earn three entries for the giveaway! Each person who books a party with also earn an awesome goodie bag with Posh AND massage products!!
I will also offer demos of facials, chair massage, and foot massage with any in-home party that I do! Each guest that attends will not only get free samples, but a free goodie bag as well!
If anyone has any questions about joining Perfectly Posh, please let me know! There is no obligation to sign up, but for those of you that may be on the fence about if selling Posh is right for you here is some information that may help you decide.
If you decide to join Perfectly Posh, though, I will give you three entries into the giveaway bag as well as a free “Welcome to the team” goodie bag!
LAST CALL FOR ORDERS!! Be sure to get your order in before the party closes!
Thank you everyone who placed an order with me! I will be doing the drawing tomorrow!!


Thank you for reading this blog, if you have any questions about Posh feel free to visit my Posh page

or email me at:

perfectly posh

I cannot contain my excitement!

For those of you who read my blogs, you know I have been contemplating selling Perfectly Posh, and today I finally made the plunge!!

Feel free to visit the link below..

Why, you may ask?

I have been brainstorming ways to continue to promote myself and my massage. I wanted to do something new and exciting.

So, I decided to make a BIG change in trying to promote myself and my massage. I decided that I want to start selling Perfectly Posh and do home parties, as well as FB parties.

This is how I plan on my parties to go…

  • I want to offer chair massage (so I will bring my chair to wherever you decide to throw a party.)
  • I want to do facials, that include a cleanse, scrub, mask, and moisturizer, warm towels will also be incorporated.
  • I also want to offer foot massages, with Posh Products, so people can kind of get a feel of how our services at the office work.
  • I want to make up goodie bags for each person that is attending. The goodie bags will include samples of Posh as well as promotional pens, chap sticks, Biofreeze, business cards, etc.
  • I want to offer a giveaway with a free massage in it for those who place any orders.

This is a really big step for me,but I think it will help me promote myself as a LMT (licensed massage therapist) even more and lead to many exciting ideas!

Perfectly Posh Product Reviews

~Chunk Reviews~


Product: Spawesome

Size:7 oz

Cost: $9



Ahhh. The essential oil blend of mint and eucalyptus instantly transforms your bathroom into a luxurious spa. Relax with this big bath bar and let argan and baobab oils moisturize and pamper your skin. Just one use will have you saying, “Namaste (in the bath) all day.”

Fragrance:Fresh, relaxing mint and clean, woodsy eucalyptus

This is included in Buy 5, Get the 6th FREE.


full moon
Product: Full Moon


Size: 7 oz
Cost: $9
Hydrating, antioxidant-rich lotus extract is perfect for all skin types, as it can help moisturize dryness, regulate oiliness, and improve elasticity. It’s gently blended with cleansing cedar wood extract, detoxifying Himalayan pink sea salt, and a calming blue lotus fragrance. Lather up in the bath or shower to help your skin stay soft and beautifully balanced.
Fragrance:Delicate blue lotus and cedar


you go,coco
Product: You Go, Coco!
Size: 7 oz

Cost: $9


Organic coconut oil, coconut water, and coconut fruit extract expertly cleanse and hydrate while adding lots of antioxidants to help protect your skin and keep it looking younger. And the coconut goodness doesn’t stop there. With lightly exfoliating coconut shell powder to help smooth and soften skin, this Chunk is a coconut lover’s dream come true. Use daily in the bath or shower and feel good about going nutty for coconuts.

Fragrance: Coastal coconut
Pros of all three products:
  • Included in the Buy 5 Get the 6th one free (B5G1)
  • Leaves skin feeling clean
  • Product last a long time
    • (I have had my chunk for almost two months and it is not even halfway used!)
  • Earn Perks when you purchase
  • Can be bought with Perks

Cons of all three products:

  • Shipping can take awhile
  • Website offers no free shipping
  • Shipping is $5
  • $9 for a chunk of soap is pricey but as I stated earlier it last a long time so well worth it!

Which one of these is the best????

Between this three options I would have to say that Full Moon is my favorite product. I also enjoy the Spawesome Chunk because it has a faint amount of glitter to it and I love glitter!!

There is a special going on now and Spawesome is only $6!! How sweet is that!!??

You can also find chunks on sale for just $5 as well!

To check out these awesome chunks yourself, select the link below!!


Compare for yourself!!! (Snarky Bars can also be found on their website.)

chunk snarky