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My Daily Self-Care Routine!!

I love promoting self-care and these products are affordable and make me feel great so I just have to share!

Self-care is so important in not only helping you relive stress and tension, but if you do something that makes you feel good/confident it helps boost self-esteem and your overall mood. Self-care can also improve health. I have had a hard time finding products that I enjoyed or didn’t make me breakout or just leave my skin feeling gross. Now, that I have found products that I actually enjoy using I have noticed a change in how much better I feel by just simply taking time to taking a few minutes to just do something for me.

So, in this post I just wanted to share what products I enjoy and how I have been able to incorporate these products in my daily routine.

Facial Scrub

I use a Neutrogena Deep Cleanser facial scrub while I am in the shower. I use a silicone facial cleansing scrubber to help  rub the cleanser in.

I found both of these items at Wal-Mart but they can be purchased online as well through Amazon and other websites.

Snarky Bar

I love to use a snarky bar in the shower because it exfoliates my skin and leaves it feeling super clean!! I also use it on my feet which makes them feel super soft and helps with the calluses I start to get on my heels.

This is one on of my more pricey purchases, between $11-$16, but the good thing is they last a long time! Because snarky bars are so big I like to cut them into smaller portions,which also helps with them last longer.


After I get done exfoliating I use a chunk bar of soap. I love using chunk bars because they last forever. I purchased it for $9, which seems like a lot of money for soap, but it has been almost two months and it is still going strong and doesn’t look like I use it almost every day!


I always make sure to apply a facial moisturizer every night before bed. I have noticed that this has really helped make my skin look much better and not as dry, especially in the winter.

I rotate between brands but I prefer to use the Beyond Belief or the Neutrogena brands for facial moisturizer. They are under $10 and can be found at either Sally’s Beauty Supply, Amazon, or Wal- Mart.

posh info

Body Butter

I like to try to put lotion on every night before bed because I just love the way it makes my skin feel. I recently found a whipped body butter that I use daily.

I purchase this item for $22 and was impressed with the amount of product that was in the container. I also discovered that with this product a little goes a long way, which is awesome!

I purchase the snarky bars, chunks, and body butters online from Perfectly Posh. The link provided below will take you to Perfectly Posh’s website and from there you will be able to look at all their awesome products and the good thing is it is all under $25.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and will take some time out for yourself because self-care starts with you and is not selfish.

Please be sure to follow my blog to see some more self-care tips and other news!!


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