Perfectly Posh Product Reviews

~Chunk Reviews~


Product: Spawesome

Size:7 oz

Cost: $9



Ahhh. The essential oil blend of mint and eucalyptus instantly transforms your bathroom into a luxurious spa. Relax with this big bath bar and let argan and baobab oils moisturize and pamper your skin. Just one use will have you saying, “Namaste (in the bath) all day.”

Fragrance:Fresh, relaxing mint and clean, woodsy eucalyptus

This is included in Buy 5, Get the 6th FREE.


full moon
Product: Full Moon


Size: 7 oz
Cost: $9
Hydrating, antioxidant-rich lotus extract is perfect for all skin types, as it can help moisturize dryness, regulate oiliness, and improve elasticity. It’s gently blended with cleansing cedar wood extract, detoxifying Himalayan pink sea salt, and a calming blue lotus fragrance. Lather up in the bath or shower to help your skin stay soft and beautifully balanced.
Fragrance:Delicate blue lotus and cedar


you go,coco
Product: You Go, Coco!
Size: 7 oz

Cost: $9


Organic coconut oil, coconut water, and coconut fruit extract expertly cleanse and hydrate while adding lots of antioxidants to help protect your skin and keep it looking younger. And the coconut goodness doesn’t stop there. With lightly exfoliating coconut shell powder to help smooth and soften skin, this Chunk is a coconut lover’s dream come true. Use daily in the bath or shower and feel good about going nutty for coconuts.

Fragrance: Coastal coconut
Pros of all three products:
  • Included in the Buy 5 Get the 6th one free (B5G1)
  • Leaves skin feeling clean
  • Product last a long time
    • (I have had my chunk for almost two months and it is not even halfway used!)
  • Earn Perks when you purchase
  • Can be bought with Perks

Cons of all three products:

  • Shipping can take awhile
  • Website offers no free shipping
  • Shipping is $5
  • $9 for a chunk of soap is pricey but as I stated earlier it last a long time so well worth it!

Which one of these is the best????

Between this three options I would have to say that Full Moon is my favorite product. I also enjoy the Spawesome Chunk because it has a faint amount of glitter to it and I love glitter!!

There is a special going on now and Spawesome is only $6!! How sweet is that!!??

You can also find chunks on sale for just $5 as well!

To check out these awesome chunks yourself, select the link below!!


Compare for yourself!!! (Snarky Bars can also be found on their website.)

chunk snarky


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